Foscue Family Pictures


Foscue Brothers: Josephus, Cyrus Ytobide, Edgar Macon

Cyrus Ytobide Foscue

Edgar Macon Foscue

        Frederick Wooten Foscue

    University of North Carolina 1898

      son of Edgar Macon Foscue and

                  Selina Wooten

Louisa Howard and Colonel Edward Ward Montfort

parents of Fanny Montfort Foscue

Frances “Fanny” Ward Montfort Foscue

c 1859 (above) and

c 1874 (right)

Children of Fanny & Cyrus Foscue: Eloise Mable (Sanders), Cyrus III, Edward Montfort, Zania Howard “Peachie” (Cox), Ned, Nathan Carlisle, Zoe Hatch (Starling)

Zoe Hatch Foscue (Starling)

daughter of Cyrus and Fanny Foscue

Frederick Wooten Foscue, UNC 1898. Second row, first on left